The Social Experiment


That same history is what brought us to build the first privately funded CoWorking Space in the Lehigh Valley. This venture funded by its founders, past & current members as well as a number of our community supporters all eager to “Learn by Doing” is propelled us to create “Upstart Cafe”, Bethlehem’s first privately funded Maker Space.

Why “Upstart Cafe”, because we want you to “Feed Your Mind”.  We are building a community of people where all skill levels are welcome and who agree to work together to build the  new “Knowledge Neighborhood” of the future.Our “Knowledge Neighborhood” is a place where the support systems will be established for you to create your own job thru entrepreneurship and where the intersection of artist, web designers & developers, solopreneurs, micro-business owners, writers, bloggers, students, skilled educators and startups business founders all come together to lend a helping hand to each other. Slowly we believe our best practices will be absorbed and refined for every community in the Lehigh Valley.

Are you looking for such a gathering place? Do you think you can benefit from such an endeavor as this idea? Do you have a skill you can teach and are you looking to gain skills thru the concept of “Learn by Doing”. Do you need to create your own job? Or do you need to be re-motivated onto the path you have already chosen for yourself? If you answer yes to any of these questions then you owe it to yourself to visit SoBeCoWorks & Upstart Cafe. If the idea of helping us build the Lehigh Valley’s first community run, community sponsored, Collaborative Work Sapce thrills you then join us for a tour of something that is new and exciting here in South Bethlehem. Come Join Our Community and “Let’s Build Something New”.

We Love to Work