SoBeCoWorks FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

SoBeCoWorks FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


SoBeCoWorks FAQ

Where is SoBeCoWorks located?
SoBeCoWorks is located in the heart of the Lehigh Valley, a short drive from Allentown & Easton on beautiful South Mountain at 1349 Lynn Avenue, Bethlehem, PA 18015. Click the “Detour” button below to find short cut and detour information around the constructions delays on Rt 412,

Lynn Ave Bridge OPEN!!!


What should I bring to work at SoBeCoWorks?Bring exactly what you would bring if you were going to work from a coffee shop, public library or similar type space but expect to be greeted by a CoWorking Host that will insure your comfort. Here are SoBeCoWorks we aim to please. Please remember that whatever you bring in at the start your day, you bring out at the end of your day. Partner Desk members have storage options included in their membership level!

I want to check it out. What’s Next?
That’s easy. Schedule a tour by selecting this button below and filling out our free tour form.

Schedule A Tour


Can I bring my dog? cat? kids?
Sorry our insurance doesn’t allow dogs or other pets. Some dogs can be noisy or nippy, and we don’t want to turn down some dog owners and allow others, that just doesn’t seem fair. We find that cats have attitudes too, so they should stay home as well. If you do like wild life believe me we have plenty in and around our beautiful property. Kids are not conducive to our work environment so please do not bring them to work. SoBeCoWorks is not child proof and with our new Maker Space there can be dangers we haven’t planned on. Now if you have an idea for some Kids programming then lets talk and we can set aside a Saturday or Sunday to schedule a family day event with other members.

I talk on the phone a lot. Is that going to be a problem?
No, our space operates on mutual respect. If you have a conversation that turns private, feel free to take it outside to the beautiful shaded outdoors, or simply step into the any unused room such as the Serenity Room, the Steel Conference Room, the reception area or our casual seating area! If you are on your phone all day non-stop however you may want to consider one of our private office options. In the future we plan to add a one to two person pod for just such requirements but for now we’ve been find with the many space options currently available.

Can I use SoBeCoWorks for my business address?
Absolutely. Check our pricing page for details its come included in the Full Time Membership options and above and can be added to the Part Time membership options.

How do I become a member?
Please set up a tour and fill out an application when you visit us.

Schedule A Tour


What are your hours and days of operation?
We are always staffed and open 9AM-6PM Monday-Friday. In September we have been opening at 9AM on there appears to be some interest in this earlier start time. Our Private Office members can arrange for 24×7 access with this membership level.

Do you offer discounts for multiple members from the same company?
Yes. We can offer special rates to multiple Full Time, Partner Desk and Private Office members.

Should I wait until the 1st day of the month to join?
No, talk to our CoWorking Host about your requirements and we can determine if a prorated membership fee makes more sense but there’s no need to wait, come on in and join today.

What exactly is a SobeCoWorks FAQ?

The SoBeCoWorks FAQ is a list of questions and answers relating to a particular subject, especially one giving basic information for users of a website.

Contact Me
Please fill out contact form below to answer any additional questions not covered in our SoBeCoWorks FAQ or for immediate follow up from our CoWorking Host.

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