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SoBeCoWorks Online Brochure

This online brochure is made available to any and all CoWorking Spaces, Shared Office Spaces for there use marketing collateral use.  I have no copy rights on the material content of these brochurs, feel free to use the content in the development of your own marketing collateral or online brochure design.

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SoBeCoWorks eOnline Brochure - Front Page

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SoBeCoWorks Online Brochure Back Page

Feel free to contact us about how and why we chose to build a CoWorking Space in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, USA. The owner started this project as a way to bring up property values in his community, and move the drug dealers away and found that becoming a hub of entrepreneurial activity offered him a more interesting life, a better place to live and a wonderful place to work while assisting in bringing economic development to the local neighborhood level.  I encourage all members of our community and every community to come together, bring your sweat, equity, cash, unite young, old, private sector, government sector, non-profits, educational institutions in saying loudly and proudly to all those that have a vision of pessimism that we believe we are definitely better as a society when we are working together.

As the owner of SoBeCoWorks often says, “I dont know how to fix the world but I can focus on the two, three or four blocks around me and make a difference here, let the others work on the two, three, or four blocks around them because I know in my heart that I can make a difference here, in my neighborhood, my community, this is my home base, I have planted my flag here and here is where I will stay. And if here is where I plan to stay then I want my home to be the best it can be. I love BethlehemUSA.”

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