Woke Up This Morning With Brains on Fire

Participate in StartUp Weekend Event, spend 54 hours around 37 highly motivated and highly competitive adults all developing business concepts in what is basically a business development competition and within days if not hours after the event you will find yourself waking up with your #BrainsOnFire. That’s what I’m experiencing this morning. I woke up around 2:38AM in thoughts about taking SoBeCoWorks to the next level but I immediately extinguished the thought and decided I need to get more sleep because I have a long day today. Ten minutes later I looked at the clock again it’s 2:48 AM and I realized I have #BrainsOnFire.

I take a look at my email steam and I find two emails from Co-participants at the Lehigh Valley StartUp Weekend #LVPASW and one from someone who had interviewed at a CoWorking Space in Philadelphia call 3rd Ward. 3rd Ward appears to be in bankruptcy or at least serious financial trouble but I see a silver lining, they were offering peer-to-peer training. Peer-to-peer training, I think I can do something here at SoBeCoWorks along the same lines, I will do more research or better yet find someone to help me develop this business offering.

The other emails are from Justin (Team Cat Eyez) and Dave (Team Blue Skies and Sun). Justin needed more info on Global Entrepreneurship Week. Justin is a War Veteran, someone who I had extended an open invite to checkout our collaborative work space.

Dave’s email along with the time spent on my team over the weekend helped me realize I have the Co-Founders I need right here in the Lehigh Valley.

So my to do for this morning is to create my Co-Founder pitch then this evening attend the #LVTechMeetup to continue my search for my Co-Founders. If you want to learn more about SoBeCoWorks, or my vision for the future or SoBeCoWorks or you think you have what it takes to be a Co-Founder then drop me a line.

Time now is 5:35AM, I will lie back down and meditate, try to calm the brain and if I’m skilled enough at meditation I can get another hour and 10 minutes of sleep. Today’s going to be a long day.

Team Blue Skies & Sun Team Blue Skies & Sun
Shout out to Henry, Dave, Aesha, Lindsey, Chad, you guys & gals are awesome.
Shout out to Brian Conrad (Lehigh MET Candidate) You reminded me that I need to remember to ask so I’m asking.