What is the Business Model Canvas?

As CoWorking Host of the most innovative CoWorking Space in the Lehigh Valley I strive for many far reaching ideals and one of my most important is community education, “teach me what you know and I’ll teach you what I know.”

Those of us that subscribe to a philosophy of abundance want to share what we know because we recognize that when if comes to opportunity, especially financial opportunity, there is plenty to go around. Now those that subscribe to a philosophy of scarcity then they believe that there isn’t enough opportunity to go around therefore they keep their information and knowledge close to the vest and limit the information that they share. If you subscribe to the later then I will be the first to tell you to just stay home because at SoBeCoWorks we strive to build a community of givers, a community of knowledge sharing and I’ve not once had a day go by here at SoBeCoWorks that someone was not sharing knowledge, information or business leads with either one or more CoWorking members.

A recent topic of conversation has been the “Business Model Canvas”. The Business Model Canvas is a strategic management template for developing new or documenting existing business models. It is a visual chart with elements describing a firm’s value proposition, infrastructure, customers, and finances. It assists businesses in aligning their activities by illustrating potential trade-offs.

Now what does that all mean, well what it means to me is I can visualize a business plan, check out this video for more detailed information:


Still not sure?  Need more information?  Then give us a call and we can set up an appointment and get you here into SoBeCoWorks for some more detailed information sharing.